"Physical education is the study, practice, and appreciation of the art and science of human movement". While movement is both innate and essential to an individual's growth and development, it is the role of physical education to provide instructional activities that not only promote skill development and proficiency, but also enhance an individual's overall health. With this view the department of Physical Education has established in the year 1995 giving a fresh impetus to the pedagogy of sports. From very outset itself our college acts as a training ground where numbers students are being moulded to the national and international realm. As though the college is situated in a remote region it has enriched itself in physical training to the students of remote village. As a reward from the government it has acquire a world class indoor stadium. The department bloomed in the hands of Dr Raju G Kanattu initially and proceeded by Dr George Joseph. The fruitful season of the department commenced from the year 2005 with arrival of Mr Raghunath G. College in its two decades of existence has produced a number of exemplary aluminise such as JunaidAhammed (Power lifting Indian International), Shami E (Power lifting Indian International), Nithin Kumar (Power lifting National Champion), Anagha V (Tug of war national champion) SaiPrakash, Sebastian V G and so on.


  • All-round development of the personality
  • Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, and Spiritually well balanced individual
  • Sport participation should make interaction with other student studying in various Colleges and University
  • work according to the Need of the student
  • Make a fine tuned individual
  • Make high level performers
  • Stress on the individual needs
  • Participation in sports makes satisfaction
  • main thrust is given on recreation and relaxation