POs, PEOs & PSOs

PEO 1: Transform students as effective professionals.
PEO 2: Develop professional skills among the students.
PEO 3: Equip the students to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.
PEO 4: Provide the students with an educational foundation that prepares them for excellence

PO 1: An ability to apply conceptual foundations to solve practical decision-making problems.
PO 2: An ability to develop a systematic understanding of changes in business environment
PO 3: An ability to function effectively in a team.
PO 4: An ability to analyze a problem, and use the appropriate managerial skills for obtaining its solution.
PO 4: An ability to identify and address ethical issues and apply them in organizational settings.
PO 5: An understanding of professional integrity.
PO 6: An ability to communicate effectively.
PO 7: An ability to use information and knowledge effectively.
PO 8: An awareness about the society.
PO 9: An ability to use practical managerial analysis skills.
PO 10: A successful career and immediate placement.

PS O1: Students should exhibit their knowledge of management principles.
PS O2: Students should demonstrate their critical-thinking and problem solving skills.
PS O3: Students should manifest their leadership qualities.
PS O4: Students should prove an awareness of their own values.
PS O5: Students should show a sense of responsibility.
PS O6: Students should evince their ability to recognize when change is needed, adapt to change.