POs, PSOs & Cos

PO 1. Critical Thinking:

1.1. Acquire the ability to apply the basic tenets of logic and science to thoughts, actions and interventions.
1.2. Develop the ability to chart out a progressive direction for actions and interventions bylearning to recognize the presence of hegemonic ideology within certain dominant notions.
1.3. Develop self-critical abilities and the ability to view positions, problems and socialissues from plural perspectives.

PO 2.Effective Citizenship:

2.1. Learn to participate in nation building by adhering to the principles of sovereignty of thenation, socialism, secularism, democracy and the values that guide a republic.
2.2. Develop and practice gender sensitive attitudes, environmental awareness, empathetic social awareness about various kinds of marginalisation and the ability to understand and resist various kinds of discriminations.
2.3. Internalise certain highlights of the nation’s and region’s history. Especially of the freedommovement, the renaissance within native societies and the project of modernisation of the postcolonialsociety.

PO 3.Effective Communication:

3.1. Acquire the ability to speak, write, read and listen clearly in person and through electronicmedia in both English and in one Modern Indian Language
3.2. Learn to articulate, analyse, synthesise, and evaluate ideas and situations in a well- informed manner.
3.3. Generate hypotheses and articulate assent or dissent by employing both reason and creativethinking.

PO 4.Interdisciplinarity:

4.1. Perceive knowledge as an organic, comprehensive, interrelated and integrated faculty of the human mind.
4.2. Understand the issues of environmental contexts and sustainable development as a basicinterdisciplinary concern of all disciplines.
4.3. Develop aesthetic, social, humanistic and artistic sensibilities for problem solving andevolving a comprehensive perspective.

After the successful completion of the B.Com Degree Pragramme, the students shall be able to;
PSO 1: Understand the concepts and techniques of commerce and its application in business environment
PSO 2: Conceive the ideas on entrepreneurship and develop the skills for setting up and management of business organizations
PSO 3: Develop the skills and abilities to become competent and competitive in the business world
PSO 4: Develop the competency to take wise decisions at personal and professional level
PSO 5: Appraise the impact of other disciplines on the working of business
PSO 6: To make the students capable of managing the office activities with the help of information technology

Semester I

1B01 COM :Management Concepts &Principles-To acquaint the students with the principles of management, help in understanding various functions of management and developing management skills.
1B02 COM :Financial Accounting-To develop among the students a conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of financial accounting system and to equip them with basic skills for recording various types of business transactions.
To help the students to acquire the conceptual knowledge of accounting and to help them to learn the techniques of preparing the financial statements.
1C01 COM : Business Statistics -To familiarize the students with the basic statistical tools used to summaries and analyse quantitative information for decision making.

Semester II

2B03 COM: Principles of Marketing -To provide basic knowledge about the concepts, principles, tools and techniques of marketing.
2B04 COM: Human Resource Management -To familiarize the students with the basic principles of Human Resource Management
2C02COM: Quantitative Techniques for Business Decision -To acquaint students with the basic statistical tools which have application in business and economic situations
To develop mathematical skills needed to analyse numeric data used in business and social sciences.

Semester III

3A11 COM: Disaster Management-To study the emerging approaches in disaster reduction &management.
3A12: Numerical Skills for Business -To understand basic concepts in mathematics which are applied in the managerial decision making.
To develop an understanding of numeric problems in business and social sciences, and techniques used to model such problems.
3C03 COM: Basics of Research Methodology-To help the students to understand how to do research in the area of Commerce and Management
3B05COM: Advanced Accounting-To help the students to acquire the conceptual knowledge of accounting for special transactions and to help them to learn the techniques of preparing the accounts and financial statements
3C04 COM: Business Regulatory Framework -To provide a brief idea about the framework of Indian Business Laws.
To enable the students to apply the provisions of business laws in business activities
3B06COM: Computer Languages and Softwares -To acquire knowledge about programming languages and to develop skill in creating power point and blog.

Semester IV

4A13 COM: Entrepreneurship-To help the students understand the concepts of entrepreneurship and to develop the Entrepreneurial skills among them.
4A14 COM: Environment Studies -To give a general awareness to the students about the environment and sociology, and environmental pollutions.
4B07COM: Income Tax Law and Practice-1-To give the students the basic idea about the theoretical aspects of income tax in India, and to give an idea about the computation of income under different heads.
4B08 COM: Informatics Skills -To Know the Fundamentals of Computers and to Understand how to use Computer applications in day to Day Applications.
To update and expand basic informatics skills and attitudes relevant to the emerging knowledge society and.
To equip the students to effectively utilize the digital knowledge resources for their chosen courses of study.
4C05 COM:Corporate Law & Business Regulation -To provide an understanding regarding the administration an management of corporate form of business.
To give a first-hand exposure to corporate laws especially Indian Companies Act 1956.
4B09COM: Electronic Data Processing & Computer Application-To update and expand skills in electronic data processing and computer application in business operation

Semester V

5B10 COM: Cost Accounting -To acquaint the students with the basic concepts used in Cost Accounting and the various methods involved in Cost Accounting system.
5B11 COM: Corporate Accounting -To help the students to acquire the conceptual knowledge of Corporate Accounting, and to help them to learn the techniques of preparing the financial statements.
5B12 COM: Auditing -To create awareness among the students about the modern trends and practices of auditing and to inculcate the skills for independently undertaking the audit work.
5B13 COM: Income Tax Law and Practice- II -To give the students an idea about the computation of total income and to know the relevant provisions relating to assessment.
5B14COM: Programming Languages -To acquire knowledge about programming in Java.
To develop skill in writing program in Java.
5DO1COM: Insurance and Risk Management-To give an exposure to the students to the recent developments in the insurance industry and risk management in India.

Semester VI

6B15 COM: Management Accounting -To acquaint the students with different methods involved in Cost Accounting system.
To provide the students an understanding about the use of financial and cost accounting data, for planning, control and managerial decision making
6B16 COM: International Business -To enlighten the students on International Business Environment, which includes international Financial management, International Marketing and international Currency and to study the impact of globalization on Indian Industry.
6B17 COM: Modern Banking -To provide to the students an understanding of the fundamentals of banking and impart basic knowledge of modern banking practices
6B18 COM: Financial Markets & Services-To familiarize the students with the constituents of financial market, their interactions and the services provided by them.
6B19COM:Accounting Packages – Tally -To acquire knowledge about the tally accounting Tally package.
To develop skill in preparing financial statements in Tally.
6B20 COM: PROJECT-To learn independently and identify, define and analyse problems and issues and integrate knowledge in a business context. To understand and apply the theory, the concepts and the tools of analysis to a specific problem situation.